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Cersan Elevator was established in Istanbul in 1994 to carry out elevator maintenance, repair and assembly.

Consulting and Projecting

Our firm fulfills customer requests regarding electric and hydraulic elevators that are used in human, gurney, cargo and servicing services inside Turkey and abroad in accordance with the CE and ISO 9001 quality systems.

[Cersan Elevator]//Carries Safely.

Extreme Projects and Special Designs

In the middle of 2008 we desgined a product with a new package for our company.  



Our firm provides consulting service to construction contracting firms in elevator and escalator systems thanks to its 25 year experience and knowledge.


Yürüyen Merdiven ve Bant Sistemleri

Our firm prepares the projects for escalators and conveyor belt systems and does their assembly and maintenance in accordance with European Escalator Standards EN115.


Projects Abroad

Our firm, which has import and export experience, carries out contracting works abroad using its 20 years of knowledge and new elevator technologies.


Assembly (Commitment)

The goal of our firm is to offer you safe, reliable and comfortable journeys thanks to our engineers and technicians, who are experts in their areas.

First Domestic Company

With Special Elevator Designs and Engineering, We Have Signed Off Problem-Free Projects in Dense Buildings

We have the first domestic company title by signing the elevator commitment and project in Azerbaijan TV Tower having 220 meter cruising range with a capacity of 2 x 1000 kg at speed of 4m/s elevator and implemented the elevator installation in such distance cruising  and at that speed.

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First Domestic Company.

Go Green With Us

Since January 2012, all municipalities sign a contract with A type inspection institutions and examine the elevators of each building annually. As a result of these studies red, yellow, blue, green label is placed to the elevators.

Green Label (SAFE)

There is nothing objectionable in the use of the elevator.Asansörlerin kullanımında herhangi bir sakınca yoktur.


Deficiencies must be remedied within 12 Months / (48 Months).

Yellow Label (DEFECTIVE)

There are deficiencies in the elevator, but these deficiencies do not include security parts and should be remedied within 60 days.

Red Label (UNSAFE)

The use of the elevator is objectionable in terms of life and safety, deficiencies should be remedied within 30 days.

Special Elevator Designs//[Turnkey Solutions].

Special Elevator Designs
Turnkey Solutions

Our company operates in electrical and hydraulic elevator design, assembly, modernization, maintenance, service, final controls and testing.

  • Without sacrificing quality,
  • Timely completed business principle,
  • Self-renewed with education
  • Adopting customer satisfaction
  • Quality and reliable products

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You can contact us for elevator maintenance, breakdown, modernization,
consultancy and special elevator designs.

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